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I'm Sarah, the sole owner and baker at The Cake Lady of Oxfordshire.

I originally started off at Sarah's Bakes back when I started in April 2019, I started the business after being told I wouldn't be able to hold down a full time job due to a long term condition. It hasn't stopped me!, but this year I have had a new name change as I have been able to grow.

 I originally started my business six months before Covid hit and I was worried my business is not work out however lockdown had the opposite effect.

And with the extra time I was able to practice and grow my skills,  as well as being able to offer door step delivery for afternoon teas and bakes which went flying out of the kitchen all over the lockdown period!

This spurd me on going with my cake making business to the point where I am today! 

Over the last 8 months I’ve been able to create more cakes and displays for weddings, events and personal gatherings!


I have now been able to expand and grow my business thanks all my lovely customers! This year I have started new cake kits, and from next year you’ll be able to book team building classes, virtual lessons as well as in person classes and parties!

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